Loyaulte Me Lie (shocolate) wrote in rupertgrint,
Loyaulte Me Lie

Rupert Grint on Top Gear

Hello? Is there anybody there? Gosh, but the planet is never as deserted as during the World Cup Final. Look out of your window - the streets are empty!

Well, if anyone is not watching Spain v Holland - and I know no one who isn't, even if they don't care about football, because we all need to know whether Nick Clegg will have reason to comfort his mother or his wife - I did turn over to BBC2 for long enough to catch Star in a Reasonably Priced Car on Top Gear and have captured it, for your viewing pleasure.

I won't spoil the excitement for you, just watch Rupert talking to Jeremy Clarkson about Potter and his love of cars, before attempting the legendary lap...

Tags: video
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I can't believe Rupert didn't correct the guy when he kept calling Emma, Emily.

Funny interview, though. Loved his little scream while driving
LOL pubic hair????!