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The New Rupert Grint Community.
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A community for Rupert Grint fans

WELCOME to the new and improved Rupert Grint community - a playground for all Rupert fans on LiveJournal!

001. Rules are pretty lax. We simply ask you refrain from posting any material that would be considered NC-17 and private/paparazzi images. Cause they're just not cool. =/

002. Some things that ARE allowed, however!
--> News/Discussions (Feel free to discuss rumors, but nothing absurd).
--> Pictures (Except for the aforementioned)
--> Graphics
--> Fan Fiction
--> Fan Art
--> Anything else pertaining to Rupert!

003. Please use LJ-cut if you're posting an image larger than 300x300 pixels.

004. Code of conduct should be pretty much common sense. Just play nice, okay? We're all fans here! :D

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